Bleu Sky’s “Pupdate”

In the heart of our board and train program, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming an extraordinary furry friend, Bleu Sky, into our training family. Bleu’s vibrant personality and charming quirks have captivated our team, highlighting the importance of understanding each dog’s individuality in training. Join us as we delve into the world of Bleu Sky and discover the magic of personalized training experiences.  

Bleu’s Signature Move: One of the first things that endears Bleu to everyone he meets is his signature move – flopping down next to his owners for a cuddle. It’s a heartwarming display of affection that never fails to bring a smile to their faces and serves as a reminder of the joy of canine companionship.

A Celebrity Lookalike: With his dashing good looks and undeniable charm, Bleu’s celebrity doppelganger is none other than Ryan Reynolds. Like the Hollywood star, Bleu exudes charisma and magnetism, effortlessly drawing attention wherever he goes.

Dream Day Extravaganza: If Bleu could design his perfect day without limits, it would involve a thrilling adventure in the great outdoors. From running with other dogs to chasing deer and mousing in deep snow, Bleu’s dream day is filled with excitement and exploration, showcasing his love for nature and adventure.

Hilarious Shenanigans: Bleu’s mischievous side often leads to hilarious situations, like the time he got hold of something he shouldn’t have and stood in front of his owners, hoping for a chase that he inevitably outruns every time. It’s a comical reminder of Bleu’s playful nature and his knack for keeping life entertaining.

If Dogs Could Talk: According to Bleu’s owner, if he could speak for a day, his request would be simple yet heartfelt: “Feed me something delicious and let’s go outside to run and play all day long.” It’s a testament to Bleu’s zest for life and his love for adventure and good food.

Dream Job: The Super Sniff Tracker: In a fitting twist, Bleu’s owner envisions him as a tracker, a role that perfectly aligns with his exceptional sense of smell and his ability to find anything with ease. It’s a profession that celebrates Bleu’s innate talents and allows him to embark on thrilling adventures every day.

Superhero Persona: Super Sniff: If Bleu were a superhero, his name would undoubtedly be “Super Sniff.” With his extraordinary sense of smell, Bleu possesses the power to find anything, making him an invaluable ally in any situation that requires tracking and detection.

Guilty Pleasure: Milk Bones Galore! Despite his adventurous spirit, Bleu has a guilty pleasure that he simply can’t resist – milk bones. These tasty treats hold a special place in Bleu’s heart, serving as the ultimate reward for his good behavior during training sessions.

Bleu Sky’s journey in our board and train program is a testament to the importance of embracing each dog’s unique personality and tailoring training methods to suit their individual needs. As we continue to witness Bleu’s growth and development, we celebrate the joy, laughter, and adventure that he brings to our training family.

Congratulations to Bleu for completing our 2 week board & train! Check out his final video here: Bleu Sky’s Before & After Video

This fictional blog post aims to capture the essence of Bleu’s personality and unique traits as shared by his owner.


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