Axel’s “Pupdate”

Axel: The Spirited Tail-Chaser with a Flair for Comedy

In the world of dog training, every pup brings a unique personality to the table, and Axel, our current board and train dog, is no exception. He’s the life of the party with a tail-chasing habit that could rival any merry-go-round and a sense of humor that reminds us all of a certain charismatic actor, Ryan Reynolds.

If Axel could plan his day, it would be an extravaganza of joyous activities. Imagine a dog-sized Costco pack of whipped cream at his disposal—yes, you read that right. Axel’s dream day includes a fluffy mountain of whipped cream followed by a romp with his best furry friends and a frolic in the river. It’s a simple recipe for an utterly blissful Axel.

But it’s not just Axel’s dream day that’s filled with laughs. His everyday antics are equally amusing. Have you ever seen a dog attempt to jump into a car and end up bellyflopping instead? Axel has perfected this move. It’s the kind of lovable clumsiness that you can’t help but laugh at, even as you rush over to make sure he’s okay.

If Axel could speak, we’re pretty sure his favorite phrase would be, “Are you going to finish that?” A dog with an appetite for life (and whatever you’re having), Axel’s commentary would likely revolve around meal times and snack opportunities.

If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the human reporter who’s sent out in the thick of a storm, just to state the soaking-wet obvious, you haven’t seen anything yet. Picture this: Axel, microphone in mouth, ears flapping in the tempestuous winds, ready to woof out the latest update. His report might go something like this:

“Good evening, folks. This is Axel coming to you live from the eye of the howler. As you can see, my fur is drenched, my paws are puddled, and yes, it is indeed raining cats and… well, just cats. Back to you in the studio!”

Sure, he might not have the most groundbreaking news, but what Axel lacks in exclusivity, he makes up for with a wagging tail and an enthusiasm that’s infectious, even through the screen. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t prefer their weather warnings with a side of slobbery smiles?

In the realm of superheroes, Axel would be known as “The Whiz Kid,” a title that’s as self-explanatory as it is endearing.

Every hero has a weakness, and for Axel, it’s the inexplicable allure of deer poop. While we might never understand the gourmet appeal, it’s Axel’s guilty pleasure, and he’s sticking to it.

Here in our board & train program, we’re working with Axel to refine his tail-chasing energy into something more productive. Training a dog like Axel isn’t just about obedience; it’s about channeling his boundless spirit into tasks and commands that can keep up with his zest for life.

As we continue to work with Axel, we’re reminded that dog training is as much about understanding each dog’s individual personality as it is about teaching commands. Axel’s training journey is a testament to the joy and laughter dogs bring into our lives, and we’re thrilled to be part of his story.

Stay tuned to our blog for updates on Axel’s progress, and for more tales of the tail-chasing, whipped cream-loving, bellyflopping pups that grace our training grounds.

Congratulations to Axel for completing our 2 week board & train! Check out his final video here: Axel’s “Before & After” Video

This fictional blog post aims to capture the essence of Axel’s personality and unique traits as shared by his owner.

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