Wacey’s “Pupdate”

Meet Wacey, our newest board and train student, and let me tell you, this Australian Shepherd is not your average pup. His owner shared some delightful insights into Wacey’s quirky behavior and unique personality traits that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Signature Move and Quirky Behavior: Wacey’s owner revealed that this spunky Australian Shepherd has a couple of tricks up his furry sleeves. First off, Wacey talks with his little ears – a charming and endearing way of expressing himself. Picture this: a canine conversation where floppy ears become the highlight of the chat. Additionally, Wacey is a master hugger. He gives hugs by holding your hand with both of his front paws, a heartwarming gesture that melts hearts and leaves everyone feeling loved.

Dream Day Activities: If Wacey could plan his perfect day with no limits, it would start with a pup cup – a delightful canine treat. From there, it’s all about adventure. A car ride, a long hike where he can run free, a refreshing swim in the river with mom, a short walk to dry off, and finally, a relaxing car ride back home. The day concludes with a satisfying dinner, maybe a little ice cream, and a well-deserved jump into bed.

Hilarious Antics: Wacey’s antics are the stuff of legends. His owner shared a regular occurrence – Wacey getting his nose stuck inside his toys when he enthusiastically chews them up. If that’s not a comical sight, I don’t know what is! This pup’s playful spirit and mischievous nature make for plenty of laughs.

If Wacey Could Talk: According to his owner, if Wacey could talk for a day, he’d be a non-stop chatterbox. Full of emotion and feelings, Wacey would try to talk his owner out of going to school, pleading for more quality time together. And upon the owner’s return, Wacey would be ready for a walk, bombarding them with questions about their day before they could even answer.

Dream Job: When asked about the ideal occupation for Wacey, his owner suggested “salesman” or even “therapist.” With his charming personality and the ability to talk with his ears, Wacey could undoubtedly make a career out of spreading joy and lending a listening ear.

Superhero Wacey: Imagine Wacey as a superhero! With super strength and the power to fly, his superhero name would be “Wacky Wacey.” Picture this courageous pup soaring through the skies, ready to save the day with a wagging tail and a heart full of love.

Wacey the Australian Shepherd is a bundle of joy, ready to embark on new adventures and spread happiness wherever he goes. Stay tuned as we document Wacey’s progress during his board and train journey, unlocking more of his incredible personality and discovering the superhero within!

As we continue to work with Wacey, we’re reminded that dog training is as much about understanding each dog’s individual personality as it is about teaching commands. Wacey’s training journey is a testament to the joy and laughter dogs bring into our lives, and we’re thrilled to be part of his story.

Congratulations to Wacey for completing our 2 week board & train! Check out his final video here: Wacey’s Before & After Video

This fictional blog post aims to capture the essence of Wacey’s personality and unique traits as shared by his owner.

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